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Web Graphic and Multimedia
Probably the most outsourced service in the world today, whether it be local or offshore. Acquire Staff can help your business whether it be a basic, low budget web page or complex programming and software development.

Web Design & Development
Do you need a fun, quirky or corporate website? Have you bought a template and just need it uploaded? Acquire Staff can help bring your concept to life on the most utilized service in the world… the internet! Here is an outline of services we offer.
- Basic web development
- Template Design & Development
- Customised website with complex programming in all languages
- Content Management System
- Banner Ads, Website Add-ons and etc.

SEO and Search Engine Rankings
Your website means nothing if no one can find your site, Even if you search for it! As the world wide web grows each day, competition to online advertising and site visibility is extremely important. We make sure we provide you with the following technology:

- Search Engine Optimization
- Search Engine Rankings
- Site Visibilit with backCustomised website with complex programming in all languages
- Content Management System
- Banner Ads, Website Add-ons and etc.

Creative Design & Animation
Got something to present that needs visual aids? Whether you need to create live CD presentation, Programmable Powerpoints, Animation Concepts, we have a variety of services to offer:
- Visual Concept Design
- Corporate Presentations
- CD Animation
- Interior Artwork/Kiosk Design

Corporate Logo Icon & Branding
Even the most successful company needs an image to brand itself. We have enough experience to make your company look more professional and updated. Form your company image to your company icon, as small as a logo going up big to company branding, we are focused to make your image what fits you best.

Multimedia Video & Advertising
Moving presentations and advertisement will make sure you get to be remembered. It helps your company stays on top and have a impact to your market. With the tecnholog that we provide, we make sure we deliver from storyboard to presentation.

Application Development
Acquire Staff can help your business develop a customized software solution to your business, whether it be a complete back end office solution incorporating attendance, accounting, sales and customer service to simple desktop widgets to help put your business in front of your client EVERYDAY!