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Contact Center Solutions
acquirestaff is a leading specialist in inbound call handling services. Our call center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, delivering outsourced services to companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of markets.

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Back Office Solutions
At acquirestaff, we believe that the foundation of any office is essential. Hence, let us create the perfect workplace and back office for your company! We provide service to the most critical and vital part of your office - from gathering important data to workflow to managing your business process.

Our back office services function 24/7, providing you with good customer support, and structural business flows. By utilizing our services, you can improve your back office operations efficiency and reduce your in-house costs. We support you with accurate processes in a quick turn-around time, and provide you with report of handled processes, as well as customer feedback for your business enhancement.

We provide it all!

Web and Software Development
Go online. Be connected.

acquirestaff can help you create your brand and maintain your presence on the Internet. At today's fast pace of technology, it is best to keep up with online trends and reach a wider set of audience and customers.

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Graphics and Multimedia Designs
At acquirestaff, we don't create concepts, we make them happen! In the business world, you must be creative to stand out from the competition, and we can help you design your concept and build your brand according to your creative ideas.

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Contact Center Solutions
We offer advanced solutions that would best fit your needs without having the expense to set up your own. And what's more to it, is that we already have a variety for you to choose from:

Contact Center Solutions
Back Office Solutions
Web & Software Development
Graphics & Multimedia Designs
The acquirestaff team is well equipped with talent, training, and technology to provide you with the perfect mix of customer service, telesales, and telemarketing for your business.
No enough time and resources to set-up an office? Let acquirestaff acquire the right staff! We make sure that the backbone of your company runs like a well-oiled machine.
Go online! Let acquirestaff show you how to be connected with the millions of web users around the world. With our highly competent web developers and software engineers, we can give your brand a facelift.
Creativity is the key to selling fast and selling well. Let the acquirestaff graphics and multimedia designers show you how to turn your creative imaginations into real-life concepts.