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What kinds of processes can my business outsource?
Outsourcing is commonly believed to simply entail phone based services, yet this is far from true. These days outsourcing companies offer nearly every solution you require, from IT (software development, web presences and SEO), Accounting/Book-Keeping, Data Management, Transcription and Human Resource services to name a few. You can find a range of services we offer here and if the service your seeking is not listed or is custom to your business, put our team of Account Managers to the test to see if we can help solve your problem!
What benefits are there to outsourcing?
Outsourcing companies can offer industry expertise and have the time and initiative to stay up-to-date on the latest standards and trends. Outsourcing can give you access to skills and expertise you might not be able to supply in house. These experts might be better able to serve your company or clients requirements more efficiently. In addition, outsourcing will free up your staff’s time, so that they can focus on your core business (this is how we came up with our slogan too).

The other real benefit to outsourcing is the cost saving your company will experience, view our Comparison table here.
How much does Acquire Staff charge?
Acquire Staff services cost less than what you may expect for top-quality business support. Our all-inclusive hourly prices start around $7.80 per hour and go up to about $12.00 per hour. The exact cost depends on factors such as the number of agents, the nature of the service we provide, and the technical skill requirement for each agent. Acquire Staff price covers all labor, equipment, overhead and insurances. Depending on the campaign, there maybe additional charges for add on services and VOIP.
Is there a set-up fee?
Yes, we charge a one-time set-up fee of $100. This is to cover all the administrative costs involved for starting your campaign. For larger or customized campaigns, there may be additional costs also involved.
Can I listen to the accent of the agents?
Yes, we have sample voices that you can listen to on this website. We can also schedule a time for you to speak directly with an agent before you commit to working with us. In addition, you will be able to interview each of the agents assigned to you before they begin work to ensure your 100% satisfaction.
What is the quality of your telephone lines?
Acquire Staff utilize leading Outbound & Inbound dialing systems as well a renowned VoIP supplier. Our hardware/software has excellent sound quality and transmits at less than 180 ms so you will not notice a delay.
How do we manage our back office solution?
Managing the back office is crucial! Whether it be for supplying leads, recording orders, data management & reporting. We can either utilise your current in-house solution, or through our strategic alliances we can recommend a variety of online solutions. However if your looking for a custom solution for your business, we can even build you one!
Do you require a long-term contract?
The choice is yours! Most of our new clients begin on a non-contract, month to month basis. Most agreements can be terminated within 15 business days. However most of our clients end up shifting to contract base solutions to take advantage of our rewarding discounts!
I need specialized staff, can you help?
Yes! We have an extensive talent pool and can access a variety of highly qualified staff. If you need a lawyer, doctor, nurse, specialty programmer, network engineers, CAD designer, architect or even a math tutor, we can help you!  With specialty positions we generally require a longer lead-time to source the right talent for your requirement.
I want to get started now, when can I start?
Great! We can get started pretty quickly, especially if its one of our core services such as lead generation, customer service, technical support etc. But please ensure you have prepared your expectations and sales targets to ensure our relationship is rewarding.