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Why acquire your staff from us?
It would be fair to assume that considering you have made it this far, you realize that outsourcing industry is here and now an acceptable way to do business in the Western world. But why go with acquirestaff when you can hire your own staff or outsource it from others? Here is the answer.

The Philippines is considered the most Westernized country in Asia and is the third largest English-speaking nation in the world. Yet this doesn’t mean that 100% of literate Filipinos sound exactly as a local Westerner does.

With acquirestaff, however, we only hire people who are dedicated enough and resilient than their Western counterparts. We make sure that each one of our staff has attended university and have degree qualifications. In addition, we conduct regular English Training and Culture Understanding classes that they may use when they get assigned to the floor.

But why Filipino employees? Because Filipinos strive for excellence in all they do; they will start early, work late, and strive to be the best employee they can for your business. Try it to believe it!

At acquirestaff, we choose employees who have a minimum of 2 year contact center experience, all undertaking various inductions and training programs.