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Do what you do best and acquire the rest.
acquirestaff is a leading specialist in inbound and outbound call handling services. Our call center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, delivering outsourced services to companies of all sizes and a wide variety of markets. The technology we utilize is second to none and we pride ourselves on providing optimum tailor-made solution to all of our valued customers.
Who we are?
acquirestaff is an Australian owned and operated Contact Center ideally located in the Philippine outsourcing hub of Metro Manila.

With a result-focused approach to offshore outsourcing, acquirestaff aims to successfully provide your business with highly efficient, client driven, and profitable resources.

acquirestaff brings a unique Australian feel to the highly skilled and dedicated service sector of the Philippines, where strong English skills and qualified employees are culturalized to Western standards, particularly Australia and New Zealand.

We provide an affordable and scalable solution to your business needs, including staff, software development, and customer service solutions.
What We Do?
Our goal is to provide your company an extension to your office, where your clients feel as if they are dealing with a local, while you feel at ease as your targets being achieved.

We provide high quality staff that can deliver with rates half the price you could setup with! And you can even start at your own pace, and eventually upscale as your company grows.

Experience an acquirestaff relationship that is highly efficient and very affordable! Forget the hassles of setting up your own team. With our cost-effective and scalable packages, we can give you everything that you need.

With outsourcing services becoming a main-stream and acceptable business solution to Western world clients, the time is now take advantage of this affordable solution and start growing your business.