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Experience Complete, Modern, and Highly Customizable Technology!
We at acquirestaff make sure to only provide the best technology and highest quality of service to our business partners. Outsource your business process with us, and we'll present you with the following advanced and modern mechanisms for your contact center needs:

» Advanced PBX and hosted PBX solutions
» High-speed Internet
» New energy efficient computers
» Computer monitoring Systems

Combined with the latest software, up-to-date programs, and risk-free application, your company will enjoy a modern back office experience.

Feel It, Live It, Enjoy it! Quality Staff Right At Your Fingertips!
Looking for the right mix of people to work for you? That's what we do best at acquirestaff!

Notice our Name?

We provide high quality staff that can deliver with rates half the price you could setup with! And you can even start at your own pace, and eventually upscale as your company grows.

Experience an acquirestaff relationship that is highly efficient and very affordable! Forget the hassles of setting up your own team, With our cost-effective and scalable packages, we can give you everything that you need.

Together, We Can Build A Perfect Team!
Leave your business in our hands and we'll give you the right blend of partnership you deserve!

Why work with acquirestaff?
  • We offer customized staffing solution for your business - no matter what kind it is!
  • Our package pricings are so affordable, it can cut your expenses in half!
  • We deliver good results as we are managed by a team from Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.
  • And so much more!
All these factors combined shall provide you with high-quality outsource option that will grow your business into something you've always dreamed of!

And with the training, talent, and technology we present, we are geared towards your success.
Our Technology
The Experience
Why Work With Us?
acquirestaff offers complete and technologically advanced BPO and back office solutions that are highly customizable for your business - from staff to contact center solutions to web and IT services.
acquirestaff is designed to provide affordable, scalable, and winning outsourcing packages. Get high-quality staff at half the price, while you grow at your own pace!
With a result-focused approach to offshore outsourcing, acquirestaff aims to successfully provide your business with highly efficient, client-driven, and profitable resources.